Snapshot_20130716_2I’m Spiderman…. No I’m not really. I just a book addict who loves to try and share her thoughts about the books she reads. Though I do agree it would be cool to be a superhero.

So what are my tastes in books? Well, if you were to ask me two years back what my favourite genre’s of books are, I would have answered with the following without a blink of an eye: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Chick-lit (or contemporary Romance) And Historical Fiction. Since then, my tastes have expanded into including Fantasy (i.e. Game of Thrones), Erotic Romance, New Adult and Zombie books. Basically, I have become much more open minded in what I read. My philosophy is as long as it has good writing, a good plot and/or interesting characters, I’ll give it a go. This has allowed me to experience some new genres and authors I would never have tried before.

As I work full time, my spare time is important to me. This is spent reading (naturally), going to the cinema or watching TV. Again, the types of shows and films I like kind of reflect my reading choices. My current “Can’t Miss Shows” are Game of Thrones, Blacklist, The Walking Dead, The Millers, Grimm and The Smoke. I’m not much of a fan of reality shows with the only ones I like to watch being cooking shows or ones like Bad Ink.

Favourite Authors: Tiffany Reisz, Samantha Young, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Patricia Briggs, J. R Ward, Linda Poitevin, Delilah S Dawson

Favourite Series: The Original Sinners, On Dublin Street, Dark Hunters, The Dresden Files, The Grigori Series, Blud Series

Favourite Heroes (used in the broadest terms): Soren (The Original Sinners Series), Braden (On Dublin Street Series), V(The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series), Styx (The Dark Hunter Series), Criminy Stain (Blud Series)

Favourite Heroine: Nora (The Original Sinners Series), Alexandria Jarvis (The Grigori Series), Mercy Thomson (Mercy Thompson Series), Olivia (On Dublin Street Series), Tish (Blud Series), Xhex (The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series)

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