Hello and welcome to Book Mood Reviews.

The UK based adult Book Reviewing Blog, with a rather zany, quirky owner. You are no doubt all wondering what made me decide to take the big leap into the book reviewing world, when there are so many more blogs out there. To be honest, I’m wondering that myself.

A Shelf containing some of my TBR

One of my TBR shelves

Prior to taking this HUGE step, I had been a reviewer and contributor to Book Chick City for about two years. I really did enjoy my time there and have made some great friends through that blog. *Shouts out and waves to Carolyn, Laura and the Book Chick City gang* Yet, as is the case life changed. I changed. Real life became much more of a distraction. As I said I did love reviewing for the blog, I found I was in the proverbial reading funk. The drive to read was gone and I struggled. So, after a lot of soul searching, I decided to leave with the full intention of just reading books that I wanted to, with no schedule or set list. Then I would maybe post my review on Goodreads. Really it was all about getting my love of reading back.


2014-03-06 21.12.04

My Other TBR Shelf

To be honest, that was going really well. The real freedom of just reading any book, any genre was liberating. Discussing books on Facebook with my online friends was fun and I was beginning to get my mojo back. (Notrelated to Austin Powers AT ALL!). *Shout out to Jo, Vanessa and Vickie!* It was through these online friends that the seed was planted on starting my own blog, where I could really set a schedule on my own terms. The seed (or annoying little idea spider) began niggling away, till I decided to go for broke.

Thus the idea for Book Mood Reviews was born. (Queue Trumpets)

The whole premise of this blog was based on my complex process on deciding the next book I would read. This has taken years of research. NASA is looking into it. So ground-breaking in its execution that it is guarded by huge Dragons and surrounded by a moat with man eating ducks. Under extreme torture of nonstop reality TV would never make me tell on what this process is. So, do not even ask.



*Looks around* Ok, since it is only you and I. The secret, dear readers is……

My choice is determined by what book takes my fancy down to genre, author or a pretty cover……

I hear your collective gasps at this revelation. Your are speechless at my scientific approach to how I pick my next book. No? Darn it! Back to the drawing board….

So, this is the end result; a little blog, with little old me at the helm. I can’t guarantee that it won’t descend into complete anarchy nor that my mad ramblings won’t make it into the reviews, but I can guarantee that I will try my best to entertain, inform and help you when you are trying to make that all important next book .

Now sit back, pull up a chair, grab a drink and your recent book boyfriend and let the chaos begin.

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Hi!
    I am a middle grade and young adult author, although my books are also read by many adults too, so I guess they crossover. Locally, I do a lot of work with schools and clubs, as well as adult writer clubs, fairs and festivals. (www.tracytodd.co.uk).
    I wondered if you would be interested in reviewing any of my books, or in fact doing a blog, a video reading and/or Q&A.

    I have recently completed my third, as yet unpublished book: The Seventh of the Seventh and have been sending it out free on PDF/mobi to a pre-launch team, ages 12-65 years. Would you or any of your contacts be interested in reviewing this?

    Perhaps there might be other activities which your prefer. Is any of this of interest to you?

    Kind regards,

    Tracy Todd
    Mobile: 07523 960723

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