BLOG TOUR REVIEW: The Princess Plan by Julia London

THE PRINCESS PLAN ( A Royal Wedding #1)

By Julia London

Publisher: Mills & Boon

Publication Date: 9th January 2020

Format: Paperback (400 pages)

Passion. Intrigue. Love.

London’s high society loves nothing more than a scandal. And when the personal secretary of the visiting Prince Sebastian of Alucia is found murdered, it’s all anyone can talk about, including Eliza Tricklebank. Her unapologetic gossip gazette has benefited from an anonymous tip off about the crime, forcing Sebastian to ask for her help in his quest to find his friend’s killer.

With a trade deal on the line and mounting pressure to secure a noble bride, there’s nothing more dangerous than a prince socialising with a commoner. Sebastian finds Eliza’s contrary manner as frustrating as it is seductive, but they’ll have to work together if they’re going to catch the culprit. And soon, as temptation becomes harder to ignore, it’s the prince who’ll have to decide what comes first—his country or his heart. (Goodreads)

When I was given the opportunity to read and review The Princess Plan, I was really in the need for a comfort read. So during the Christmas break, I decided to dive right in and boy was this a joyous read.

The Princess Plan, as the cover seems to indicate, is that wonderful Regency Romance book that sweeps you into a fairy tale that the great writers of the genre would happily include.

Our heroine meets the books leading man at a masquerade ball, where anyone can be who they want to be. Both Eliza and Sebastian take full advantage of this, with Eliza casting off the scandal that has surrounded her to enjoy the party she would not normally be invited to. Meanwhile, Sebastian uses the party to slip away to meet a woman who he wishes to sow some wild oats with, when he should be looking at a potential wife.

The “when will they get together” usually makes the meat of most Regency Romance novels. There are usually near misses and misunderstandings, but I ended up becoming really invested in the mystery surrounding the murder of Sebastians friend and personal secretary, Marcus. It is this that really brings Eliza and Sebastian together. This mis-matched pair take it upon themselves to find out who is behind the murder. They end up becoming the most unlikely sleuths. The Crown Prince and the disgraced debutante end up working together, manoeuvring through Regency London and along the way, end up growing very close and the chemistry lights the pages up.

Everyone knows that, at least in societies eyes, Eliza and Sebastian cannot be together, not only because of Sebastian being royalty, but also due to the importance of this trade agreement. Knowing the genre so well, I knew that they would end up together, but the how’s were really entertaining and because it was called “The Princess Plan”, I knew that Eliza would get her happy ever after. However, I will be honest with you all, I would have happily read more stories about Eliza and Sebastian solving the many scandals and crimes that occur in High Society. (This is my own wishful thinking here.

What I am pleased about is the fact that this is the first in a series and the next book will be centred around Eliza’s friend Caroline. I am also crossing my fingers that Carolines brother will also get his own book for I feel that the woman who captures his heart will be a formidable woman.

The Princess Plan was the shot in the arm I needed at the beginning of the year, which left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside. This is the first book by Julia London, but I can already tell that it won’t be me last. So, if you love a brilliantly written Regency Romance, you can’t go wrong with this book.






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