BLOG TOUR: Exclusive Excerpt from If You Go Down to The Woods by Seth C Adams

Today I have an exclusive excerpt from “If You Go Down to The Woods” by Seth C Adams, which may appeal to the fans of “It” by Stephen King, “The Chalk Man” by C J Tudor or the TV Show “Stranger Things. So, if after reading the excerpt below, be sure to pick it up. It’s out on ebook just now, but if you like physical books, then the Hardback is out in June and both are published by Killer Reads


“A lot of people don’t like us,” Jim said, and there was nervous laughter.

“Yeah,” I said. “I keep getting called a loser. Hurts my feelings.”

“Maybe we should start a club or something,” Fat Bobby said, kind of smiling.

No one laughed at that, and we kind of looked around at one another. Me and Jim longer than the others. He raised an eyebrow at me, and I shrugged at him. What the hell? we were saying to each other. More than that, though. Not just What the hell? but maybe Why not?

“The Losers’ Club,” Tara said and we all looked at her. “Like the Justice League, only not as cool.”

I smiled at her, and she at me, and there went my heart again.

“That has a nice ring to it,” I said. “But it’s already taken.”

I thought of what my dad had said not so long ago, back at the store when I’d brought Bobby in after the confrontation with Dillon and his pals at the stream. You’ve never chosen your friends easily, Joey. Always been a bit of an outsider that way. These three, in their own ways, were as much outsiders as I was. And I’m not so sure I chose them as friends, as we chose each other. Or something else entirely brought us together. Something beyond our control. Something written into the very machinery of the world. There was the sense again, as I stood there with my friends near the old Buick, of things not so much building momentum, but falling into place.

“How about the Outsiders’ Club?” I said, feeling the words as they rolled off my tongue. They sounded somehow right. As if I wasn’t making a suggestion, but merely declaring something we all knew to be true.

Tara and Bobby looked at each other, then back at me, nodding in turn. Jim kind of shrugged, but I could see a gleam in his eyes.

“To the Outsiders’ Club,” Jim said, sticking out his hand.

Fat Bobby put his big hand out on top of Jim’s brown one.

“The Outsiders’ Club,” he said.

“The Outsiders’ Club,” Tara said, her hand going out and grasping theirs.

There was a buzz in the air, I thought, and something pleasant tingled down my spine. I put my hand out on top of Tara’s, on top of them all.

“The Outsiders’ Club,” I said. “We always watch out for each other, no matter what.”

“No matter what,” they all said as one.

And that’s how it was for the rest of our days together, until the end.




by Seth C Adams
Release Date: OUT NOW
Genre: Thriller


We were so young when it all happened. Just 13-years-old, making the most of the long, hot, lazy days of summer, thinking we had the world at our feet. That was us – me, Fat Bobby, Jim and Tara – the four members of the Outsiders’ Club.

The day we found a burnt-out car in the woods was the day everything changed. Cold, hard cash in the front seat, and a body in the trunk… it started out as a mystery we were desperate to solve.

Then, the Collector arrived. He knew we had found his secret. And suddenly, our summer of innocence turned into the stuff of nightmares.

Nothing would ever be the same again…

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Raised on Marvel comics, horror fiction, The Twilight Zone, and other genre entertainment unsuitable for an impressionable young mind, Seth C. Adams knew he wanted to tell stories at a young age.

With a Bachelor’s in anthropology from the University of California, Riverside, and completing his Master’s in North American History at Arizona State University, as an adult he’s learned that real life is indeed often stranger–and more frightening–than fiction.

He currently splits his time between California and Arizona, and is always working on, or thinking about, his next story.



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