AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Tracy Corbett, Author of The Summer Theatre By The Sea

With the miserable weather, I am very excited to have Tracy Corbett on the site today to tell us a bit more of her very bright and sunny looking The Summer Theatre by the Sea. Please give her a warm welcome and be sure to check out her book right now, which is published by Avon

*Without giving too much away, can you tell us a bit about the book?
For me, it’s about having a dream. What happens when you can no longer have what you’ve always wanted? Equally, what happens if your dream changes and you have to find a new one? The main characters are all faced with this scenario, whether it’s where they live, what they do for a career, or who they love. They’re all trying to find that elusive ‘happy ever after’.

*Which character was the easiest and which was the most difficult to write?
The main character Charlotte was the trickiest to write, because she changes throughout the story. She starts off as very uptight and prickly, but then softens as the charm of her new surroundings influences her. Ensuring she was likeable enough in the beginning and that her character development was authentic and believable proved quite a challenge.

The easiest was Lauren, Charlotte’s sister. I’m not sure why, her chapters just seemed to flow!

*Do you have a particular process when writing? Is there a place that you go to write?
I like to write in scenes, usually a whole chapter in one sitting. Once I get into the flow I don’t like to break away from it. This can mean some very long writing days! But I don’t mind. I tend to write new stuff on the sofa, but edit in my study. Maybe because editing feels more like a ‘job’ and I need the discipline of being at a desk.

*Do you plan your books or do you let the story and characters develop naturally?
I’m a ‘panster’ who’s learnt to become a plotter. I used to write stories that were far too long, went off at tangents, and in the end required so much editing that it felt like I’d been wrestling with a crocodile! Now I plot out every chapter, do my research, character backstories, and develop the arc of the story before I even begin to start writing. I still leave room within each chapter to be ‘creative’ and go ‘off piste’ but in a much more disciplined way.

*Are you working on anything just now and can you tell us anything about it?
My next book is called Starlight on the Palace Pier and is set in Brighton. It’s about rectifying mistakes of the past and learning to forgive. The two main characters had a relationship in their teens and were forced apart. Twelve years later they meet up again and sparks fly!

*When not writing, is there anything you like to do to clear your head?
Walking clears my head, as does being at home or in my garden – not that I’m any good at gardening. I have a knack for killing plants, so each year I have to start again. I’m pretty much the same with cooking, baking, and sewing. I’ve yet to try painting, but I’m sure I’d be terrible at that too!

*Which authors have been an inspiration to you?
My favourite authors are Jenny Crusie and Harlan Coben. They are both so good at creating characters who are interesting and unusual with a unique voice. I can never put their books down and have read several of their stories numerous times. Always the sign of a good writer.

*If this book was to be made into a movie, who would you cast in the lead roles?
I always use photos of famous people to provide me with visual inspiration for my characters, so I can tell you that in The Summer Theatre by the Sea the main character Charlotte is based on Jean Simmons. Barney is Elvis Presley, and Lauren is Natalie Portman. How’s that for an odd combination?

*If you were stranded on a desert island, what five things would you want with you?
Walnut Whips
Red lipstick
Plasters. . . (I’m very accident prone).




Release Date: OUT NOW
Publisher: Avon UK
Genre: Contemporary Romance


A summer to remember…

Charlotte Saunders has always loved the buzz of city life. So, when she finds herself abruptly fired, dumped and forced to leave London to move in with her sister Lauren in Cornwall, she thinks the world is ending.

To keep herself busy in the quiet coastal town, Charlotte agrees to help the local drama club. Designing sets for their performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, just for the summer, while she figures out her next career move. But could days at the beach, new friends and a dashingly handsome doctor, change Charlotte’s mind? Suddenly Cornwall doesn’t look so boring after all…



Tracy grew up in Berkshire with her large, noisy and adorable family. She now lives in Surrey with her motorbike-loving partner. She started writing in her late twenties, song lyrics, sketches for pantomimes and short stories, before venturing into the wonderful world of novel writing. She describes her writing style as modern tales of romance, with engaging quirky characters, who overcome adversity, grow as people and conclude in satisfying optimistic endings. When Tracy isn’t writing, she enjoys amateur dramatics and can regularly be found dressing up in various strange costumes and prancing about the stage pretending to be all manner of odd characters!


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