COSY CATCH UP: February Round Up, Bookopoly Progress & March Reading Challenge

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February was a really productive month for me completing books, even though it was a very short month. The Bookopoly Challenge, along with the Fantasic February Reading Challenge and a number of review books meant that in total I  managed to complete 7 Books in total. I have also decided to participate in another monthly challenge run on Goodreads by the group March Mystery Maddness. Read below for more details on the past month AND what I hope to read this month.

Bookopoly Challenge update

As I said above, I have managed to read 7 books in my bookopoly challenge and with these books, I added £3.02 to my tin. Including my “Train” Square tax of £1 for my participation in the Fantastic February Challenge, I have £5.00 in my Tin. Below is breakdown of the books I managed to complete.




I had every intention of reading the four books that I listed last month, but in the end out of the 4, i only managed to finish Senlin Ascends. I did, however read another three Fantasy books. These were The Belles by Dhnirlle Clayton (Review Here), Ivon by Michael Aylwin (Review Here), Senlin Ascends Josiah Bancroft (Review Coming Soon) and The Ninth Rain by Jen Williams (Review coming Soon).


After really enjoying the February Challenge, I once again turned to @readathonnews and it was here that I saw that there was a March Mystery Madness Challenge taking place. This is all co-ordinated on a Goodreads Group, Twitter (@MarchMysteryMadness) and via Hastag (#marchmysterymadness) on Youtube and Instagram. There are a number of Challenges/Topics to meet. These are listed below, along with the books that I would like to read to meet the challenge. If you fancy this challenge, do check out the Goodreads group for more information. A Photo of all the books that I plan to read below, but do check the full post here.

I know I wont get to all these, but they give me some more books to try and aim to reducing my TBR. I also have a number of blog tours that I signed up for, so I know I won’t read them all.

That’s all for now, but be sure to stop by and check up on my progress.

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