RELEASE DAY REVIEW: Villain by Samantha Young

VILLAIN (Hero Series #1.5)
By Samantha Young
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 5th December 2017
Format: Ebook (200 pages)

The sexy and emotional companion novella to the New York Times bestselling romance HERO

Nadia Ray is not just a broadcast meteorologist. She’s Boston’s morning television It Girl. Successful and independent, she’s put a past she’s ashamed of behind her and is forging a future she can be proud of. However, when her new boss discovers her secret he blackmails her, intent on using Nadia’s popularity to make them the number one morning show in Massachusetts. He wants her to be part of uncovering the city’s biggest scandal – a secret billionaire Caine Carraway is hiding.

Soon Nadia is thrown into the path of Caine’s best friend: sexy, wealthy bachelor Henry Lexington. But she doesn’t encounter the dashing high society gentleman Henry is purported to be. Instead she’s faced with an insulting and defensive villain who misjudges her at every turn.

When Henry finally realizes the truth, and decides to make amends, Nadia wants nothing to do with him. But she underestimates his determination and charm and soon they find themselves embroiled in an intense, passionate affair.

An affair Nadia knows must come to an end before their feelings grow any deeper and he discovers her secrets.

After all, Henry Lexington isn’t the only one who played the part of a villain once…. (Goodreads)

If you follow me on this blog, you will know how much I adore Samantha Youngs books. So it was with great anticipation that I sat down to read her novella, Villain. However, I have very mixed feelings over the book, especially with regards to Henry’s behaviour near the beginning. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy the book, but I could never really get over how he dealt with a specific situation.

Regardless of this blip, I have to commend Young for tackling a subject that has had much publicity in the media recently. The female lead in this book, Nadia, is subjected to blatant sexual harassment from her boss. It is because of this that she is lead down the path of investigating Caine Carraway. Rather than make Nadia a damsel in distress, Young has created a character that really doesn’t need someone to save her. Rather than a Villain, as the title suggests, Nadia is a survivor, especially when you find out about the secret she has been harbouring.

To be frank, Nadia makes this story for me, as I was rooting for her from the very beginning. There was something about her that wins you to her side. Yes, she admits that she is attracted to Henry but she doesn’t fall for him instantly. She makes him work for her affections and it takes a while for them to actually become a couple.

As I’ve said, Henry is the male character that I like the least from all of Youngs male characters. I don’t want to spoil what actually happens because it is a major plot point of the book, but his reaction just had me really angry. THEN when he acts like nothing happen the next time he sees her, I could feel myself getting angry for her. I’ve never felt like this about a character so strongly and wouldn’t have been surprised if she threw a glass of water of him. She had more class but still called him out on it. For the rest of the book, he is trying his best to make it up to her. I know that this is a work of fiction, but it was difficult to get over.

Despite this, I did enjoy the book but it wasn’t so much for the romance. Instead it was for Nadia and how she handled everything that Young threw at her. Villain hasn’t put me off Young’s work, it just took me a bit by surprise.

Villain wasn’t my favourite romance book by Young, but it still showcases her exceptional talent as an author. She naturally takes subjects or topics that could easily fall into the trope of “Damsel in Distress needing the hero to solve her problems”. Young obliterates this and gives it her own unique twist.




1 Hero
1.5 Villain

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