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it-was-you-blog-tour-9 As part of the Blog Tourfor It Was You, the latest novel by Jo Platt, Jo has kindly shared her Top 5 Things she loves about writing. Do read on and be sure to check back for my review on the book (Spoiler Alert: I am really enjoying it)




I came relatively late to novel-writing, penning my first book, Reading Upside Down, at the age of forty-five. Before that, I worked in an office in the City, then as a teaching assistant in a Seattle pre-school, before finally settling down in Bristol and becoming my husband’s medical secretary. Whilst all my previous occupations have had their upside, there’s no doubt that writing for a living is, for me, the best job of all. And here are the five things I love most about it.

1. The Opportunity to Pause For Thought.

Pausing for thought was a luxury I regularly craved during my early professional life, and when the children were younger. Now it is an absolute requirement.

2. The Ability to Share.

Of course, I work alone and one of the small frustrations of this is that I can no longer torment my co-workers with ‘funny’ stories about falling into hedges, or dribbling in my sleep on the tube, or my child being sick in the glove compartment of my car ‘to be tidy’. But of enormous comfort to me is the fact that I now get to inflict those anecdotes upon a much wider audience, through my books.

3. Having Weeks to Come Up With an ‘Off-The-Cuff’ Remark.

Who hasn’t at some time put down the telephone, or come away from a meeting thinking, ‘Ooh, I wish I’d said…’? I regularly experience that kind of regret and one of the primary joys of writing is having the luxury of revisiting and rewriting conversations and situations and letting both myself, and the character, get it right.

4. Sole Control.

Despite what my husband and children might claim, I don’t think I’m a control freak. But I can’t deny that I relish the sense of control afforded by writing. How many times have you watched a movie, or read a book, and found a character unconvincing, or felt really let down by the ending? My advice to you: write your own!

5. Making Myself, and Other People, Laugh.

Although my second novel, It was You, is first and foremost a romantic comedy, it does also have its touching and darker moments. Consequently, there were days when my family would come home from school/work to find me in floods of tears. But this was rare and a more usual scenario was to find me giggling helplessly in front of the laptop screen and insisting upon reading aloud my latest chapter. Making my family laugh along with me, and then learning from reviews that readers are doing the same, is still the best feeling.

Many thanks for sharing this and good luck with the latest book, Jo!


Release Date:
31st October 2016
Published by: Canelo
Genre: Contemporary Romance

When life falls apart, friendship will keep you together

Alice Waites has been happily single for almost two years.

When her close friends in The Short Book Group gently question her current distinct lack of interest in men, she accepts that maybe it is time to deal with the past and open herself up to new possibilities.

Oh yes, the time has come to go dating again.

However, things soon unravel for Alice as she uncovers the secret heartache and hopes of those around her. And her most surprising discovery is the life-changing truth which she has kept hidden, even from herself…

Perfect for readers of Milly Johnson, Jojo Moyes or Mhairi McFarlane, It Was You is the fast, funny and touching story of one woman’s journey towards love.



Jo PlattJo Platt was born in Liverpool in 1968 and, via the extremely winding route of rural Wiltshire, London, Seattle and St Albans, is now settled, with a husband and two children, in Bristol.

After studying English at King’s College London, her first paid employment was as a besuited office worker in a large City institution. After ten years in the City, Jo escaped into motherhood and part-time employment, first as an assistant teacher in a Seattle pre-school and, more latterly, as a Bristol-based secretary.

Her second novel, It Was You, is published in May 2016.

Jo is currently working on her third novel.


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