5 STAR REVIEW: A Measure of Love by Sophie Jackson

Measure of LoveA Measure of Love (A Pound of Flesh Series #3)
By Sophie Jackson
Publisher: Headline Eternal
Publication Date: 21st June 2016
Format: Paperback (304 pages)
Source: ARC

Life in New York for ex-con Riley Moore is pretty damn good, until a call from his mother shatters the calm: his father has suffered his second heart attack in two years and is in a critical condition. Leaving everything behind, Riley flies home to Michigan for the first time in five years to support his mother and do his best to make amends with his father. He also tries not to think about Lexie Pierce, the only girl he ever truly cared about, and who broke his heart.

When they inevitably meet, memories of their love make Riley yearn to reconnect, despite the pain they both suffered. Though she’s wary, and has a secret she’s hidden from him for five years, Lexie has little willpower when it comes to Riley and she agrees. Besides, after all that has gone before, she owes it to both of them to find out if they can love each other again.

Can they both overcome their sorrow and secrets and finally share their life together?

Loyalty. Redemption. All-consuming love against the odds. Prepare to fall for the powerful storytelling of Sophie Jackson in her A Pound of Flesh series, beginning with A Pound of Flesh, Love and Always, An Ounce of Hope and Fate and Forever. . (Goodreads)

If you heard a wild screeching sound a few weeks back, there was no need to panic because I couldn’t contain my excitement at receiving a proof copy of Sophie Jacksons latest novel, A Measure of Love. After loving the two previous novels; A Pound of Flesh and An Ounce of Hope, I was really looking forward to reading Riley’s story. Let’s just say that Jackson has once again hit it out of the park and this book showcases an author who is improving and mastering her craft. This is really the best book in the series so far.

As I said this book is about Riley who is Carter and Max’s friend from the previous two books and like the other two books, it is all about him getting his happy ever after. I didn’t feel that we got much of a back story for Riley, as he seemed to be the party boy who drinks and parties with the opposite sex. The book opens with Riley and one of his conquests and he gets a phone call telling him about a family emergency. It forces him to return home and face the demons he left behind.

This book really did showcase a side to Riley I hadn’t seen before and beneath this apparently happy-go-lucky guy, we find a man who is still paying for his mistakes. At first, it seems to be related to what he was put in jail for and how his dad has reacted. As the book progressed, I had my suspicions on how he broke up with his first true love, Lexie and although in some ways it was, there was a game changer that really did turn the plot on its head.

Jackson has did something that I can’t remember seeing in a female character, especially one who is really the female lead in the story. Though she started off as being portrayed as the victim, especially with what is implied with regards to Riley. However, it becomes much more complicated when something is revealed to Riley. It wasn’t a surprise and I wanted to know why Lexi did what she did. Her reasons are valid, but my heart still ached for what Riley missed.

You can tell that these two have a deep connection and still have deep feelings for each other. If they didn’t, Lexi wouldn’t be feeling so guilty about what she hid from Riley and Riley would not have felt so hurt over Lexi’s actions.

This book show the progress of how two people manage to work to get over the hurt they have caused each other in order to get the Happy Ending each of them deserve. Saying that, just as the book was nearing the end and I was overcome by the warm fuzzies, only for something to happen that put their happy ever after at risk. I seriously had a fear that I was about to read something akin to Me Before You or One Day. (If you have seen or read either of these books you know what I mean). Thankfully, it didn’t come to that and I ended up with a big cheesy grin on my face.

Just like the other books in the series, Jackson once again has a brilliant supporting cast. Although we had previously met Riley’s brother Tate in An Ounce of Hope, here we also met his other older brother Dex and his youngest brother Seb. She also once again teases us with characters who I am dying to read more about, especially Seb because he seems to have very interesting story to tell.

I have said it before and I will say it again; Sophie Jackson is an author that any fan of a good contemporary romance needs to read. She once again takes the theme of lost love and makes it original. Her characters are ones you instantly fall in love with and you root for them from the very beginning. She stands alongside the likes of Samantha Young and Colleen Hoover as a shining example of this genre.

5 star




1 A Pound of Flesh
1.5 Love and Always
2 An Ounce of Hope
2.5 Fate and Forever
3 A Measure of Love

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