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With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey and its leading male, Christian Grey, I decided to put together my list of Top Five Book Bad Boys. The crushes that deep down I know, in real life should I happen to come across any of them, I would no doubt run for the hills in a heartbeat, but within the confines of their literary world, I secretly crush over. And really, who doesn’t love to crush over the bad boy….

1. Soren from The Original Sinner Series.
The SaintTop of my list is one of the most unconventional, bad boys I know in any books I’ve read. For all intents and purposes, he is all wrong, but there is just that little something about the Priest with the Dom tendancies, that results in him “Topping” the list. He never forces any of his partners into doing anything against their will. He gives them plenty opportunities to walk away, yet they are drawn to him like a moth to a flame. It is difficult to describe why he is number one on my list because he is such a complex character, but for me there is something about this character that makes me compare all other bad boys to. The fact that there is that little bit of forbidden fruit, just makes Soren all that more tempting

2. Kingsley from The Original Sinners Series.
The King TRThe King of Kink is number two on my list. Yes, he could charm anyone with a pulse with his tongue (and other parts) but he never seemed to topple Soren from the number one spot. Yes, Kingsley shares many of the same traits as Soren being loyal and not one to cross. Kingsley is very much better as friend as an enemy.

3. Javier from The Artist Trilogy
On Every StreetFirst off, Javier is not a very nice guy. He is high up in a drug cartel and I’m sure danger is his middle name. Throughout the Artist Trilogy, Javier has shown his lethal side time and time again, whether its blackmailing Ellie to be part of his plan to kill a rival or using a mother and child as leverage, Javier is not a nice guy. Yet, in On Every Street and in Sins and Needles, Javier shows a sensual side to him that shows that he is very much a man of circumstance. Though his motives for his actions are good, his plans to get retribution are very dubious. Still, he holds a soft spot in my Bad Boy Crushes

4. Q from Monsters in The Dark
Tears of TessQ, Q , Q. What can I say about this Bad Boy? Much like Javier, his moral compass is murky at best and like most of the Bad Boys on this list, his backstory is one filled with tragedy. Yes, much like Soren, he attempts to use his tainted wealth and family history to make amends. Unlike Soren, these are more “questionable” That being said, I do like Q a lot. He is dominant towards Tess, the lead female in the book and his arrogance is almost his undoing. Yet, his heart is in the right place and when the chips are down, he will send in his hired militia to track you down and save you.

5. Bennett Ryan from Beautiful Series
Beautiful BastardFirst off, if a boss of mine pulled any of the crap that Bennett did in Real Life, I would have him up before Human Resources before you could say “ Sexual Harrassement”, but this is a work of fiction and Bennett’s domineering arrogance just took my temperature from 1 to 500oC so quickly. He has alpha male stamped all over him and isn’t afraid to go after Chloe.

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2 thoughts on “TOP 5 BOOK BAD BOYS

    • Lol. Yeah, the BDB characters aren’t “Bad Boys” really now. They seem to be reformed since they have their Shellan’s.

      Out of all the books, I think I would recommend Beautiful Bastard for you. Its really good and I think you would like that one.

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