My Reading Choices for #SEXMEUPREADATHON

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Hello new readers and old friends. This unscheduled post is to announce that I have decided to participate in the social media event #SEXMEUPREADATHON, which is being organised by Laura (@shelovestoread) from the blog She Loves To Read. (The Blog for this event can be found here. There is an informative video about the event on this page)

From Monday 21st July to Friday 25th July, there will be lots of tweets, posts and other fun stuff over on Twitter and Facebook. All you need to do is follow #SEXMEUPREADATHON in order to keep up to date with the many posts.

Having read and watched Laura’s post, I was inspired to take part, mainly due to the fact that I do love good bit of smexy shenanigans in the books I read. So below you will see what I have on my TBR pile and which ones are on the shortlist of books that I may read

First Up, My Current Read.
Right now, I am two thirds of the way through Bang by E. K. Blair. This is the first in her Black Lotus series and I picked it up due to the fact it was causing quite the stir among some of the people I follow and are friends with on social media. This is definitely on the dark side of smexy reads, but so far I am enjoying it. The book is quite the page turner.


Next, My List Of Candidates.
Due to the fact that I work full time, I can only really read at home or on my lunch, so though I would love to say I am going to be reading all these books, the reality is I may only get one finished. So the short list of books are (in no particular order):-

  1. Twisted Together by Pepper Winters (Monsters in the Dark #3) – I’ve read the two previous books in the series and I can honestly say that this series has the balance of fantastic sex scenes, mixed with an edge of your seat plotline. I’m dying to see how the last part in this series plays out.
  2. Mister Black by P.T. Michelle (In The Shadows #1)– This will be my first book by this author, but from the buzz on the groups I follow, it’s supposed to be a good book. The fact that it is a novella may mean I can read this along with another book.
  3. Dirty Angels by Karina Halle (Dirty Angels #1) – Ok, so I have a confession. I have yet to finish Halle’s Artist Trilogy, but the temptation of having a book with Javier from the previous series was just too much. Also, it comes with a warning so its bound to have some good stuff! ( )
  4. In The Firelight by Sibylla Matilde – The author attended a Romance Author Event in Edinburgh recently and because I have a bad book addiction, I pre-ordered this book to pick up at the event. The premise was just too good to miss. I do love a story where the plucky female character takes a stand against the hunky corporate suit, only for sparks to fly!
  5. Twisted by Emma Chase (Tangled #2) – The first book in the series, Tangled,  was refreshing because it was from the male leads point of view. I really enjoyed this twist on the genre and can’t wait to read what happens next (I may also have Tamed , which is the third book in the series on my TBR shelf)
  6. Final Call by Emma Hart (The Call Series #2) – Late Call was another read I found through the magic of social media and my god did I love that book. It was one of the books where I sacrificed sleep in order to read more. The book was left on a cliffhanger and I really want to see how it all plays out)
  7. Carnage by Lesley Jones (Carnage #1) – Like Bang, everyone was raving about this book and again the author was attending the recent event I went to. So with great willpower, I denied myself on buying the ebook in order to get a paperback. I hope it lives up to the hype

List of Candidates 2

So that’s my list of candidate books for next week. From the synopsis of most of the books, you can no doubt see I do like my erotic romances of the dark variety. I do have slightly lighter reads, but for some reason these are the books that have my attention and so are further up on my list. So until Monday, happy reading!!

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