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The PlayerHi J.D. and thanks for stopping by Book Mood Reviews. Having finished The Player in one day, can I say how much I loved it. For those unfamiliar with the book, can you tell my readers what the book is about in your own words.
Hi there – thanks for inviting me. First off, I’d like to begin with a warning. The Player is very explicit and contains … well, to say it contains dirty talk is putting it mildly … and I think Xander would be offended. It is not for the faint hearted!

Part One of the Rouge Passion series, The Player, is set in a hotel in Kensington, London and revolves around Isla, the Assistant General Manager and Xander, the new owner. Initially, she is angered and frustrated by his arrogant attitude – she’s a feisty chick and gives as good as she gets. But there’s unbelievable chemistry between them that neither can ignore. Isla’s been hurt badly and is sworn off men but Xander offers her something she’s never known before … he takes dirty talking and filthy sex to a whole new level. He isn’t looking for commitment and that makes him even more irresistible. But his cocky attitude brings out the stubborn side of Isla. When he says she might not be able to cope with what he can do to her body and that she’ll not be able to resist coming back for more because he’s addictive, she laughs … she’s seen what she does to him too. She suspects that he’ll be addicted to her in no time.

Xander is secretive about financial issues that ultimately threaten to risk him losing the hotel but Isla can see how the situation is taking its toll on him. He seeks refuge in her.

But his financial problems aren’t as clear cut as she thinks …

Where did you get your inspiration for the book?
My partner and I stay in hotels quite a lot. I’m a people watcher and often my imagination runs riot. I imagine who people are, what they’re doing there, what their life is like at home etc. Within five minutes, I can have a plotline in my head. I write erotica so there has to be sex … good sex. And sex should be good, not just in books … sex should be fun, breathtaking, exhilarating, exciting, adventurous, spontaneous … oops, I got carried away! You get the idea. The last thing sex should be is boring and predictable. I love it when readers tell me that they’re going to try out something they’ve read in my books or that it’s inspired them to try something new … and from what I hear, their partners are definitely not complaining.

With each book/series I write, I explore a different aspect of sex. With the Orion the Hunter series, it was D/s and with Rouge Passion it’s rough, filthy, dirty talking sex. I already have the sex angle for the next book after I’ve finished The Redeemer, the successor to The Player.

Oh and characters are important. I love alphas and I love strong, capable men but I adore feisty, sassy female leads. For too long we’ve had the alpha/wimpy female model. I can’t identify with that at all. And I wanted Isla to be a real woman – curvy, confident and willing to explore sexually but like all of us, she isn’t perfect.

How many parts will there be in the series?
There are only two parts but there will be at least one spin off … at this stage, it’s intended to be a standalone but I have a habit of beginning writing to a lovely, neat plan and then the characters take over. They often force me to the edge of a cliff … apologies to those who hate cliffies!

Who was the most fun to write for? Isla or Xander?
I couldn’t possibly choose because writing scenes where they go toe-to-toe was just so much fun. They both like to have the upper hand and neither likes to give an inch. I chuckled like an idiot as I was writing and then my editor would leave comments in the margin about how much she’d laughed or how much she could identify with something. Then when I get comments from my readers – you know, PMs on Facebook at 2am for example – quoting lines or telling me how much they are laughing or how they’re never going to speak to me again after THAT ending, that’s magical. That’s the magic of writing and it makes me tingle with pride and happiness.

I have to admit that I found writing an inappropriate alpha very entertaining. Xander’s mouth is something to behold. But now I’m writing The Redeemer, Isla is so much fun to write as she takes centre stage. She is not a woman to mess with!

Without spoiling the next book too much, will we get to see Taylor?
I’m halfway through writing it and as yet, no. But anything could happen by the end … or when my betas get hold of it … or my editor! So you may not see the former Miss Taylor, but you’ll certainly hear more about her.

Will we get to see why Xander is the way he is?
Xander was born an arrogant alpha. As mentioned in The Player, his abhorrence of rules could be attributed to his upbringing. But yes, you will get to see the reasons for his odd behaviour.

Was there anything in that you wanted to put in the book, but felt it was pushing the boundaries that bit too far?
The extent of the dirty talk was the main talking point. My OH would read over my shoulder and shout, “You can’t put that!” One of my betas was shocked. So I did relent a little and toned it down just a tad. The use of the word wh*re seems to be unacceptable to some but I was determined to leave it in. So Xander refers to Isla’s pussy in that way but not her … I think … unless I rebelled once and left it in … sounds like me!

I know it’s not for everyone but no book ever has been or ever will be. But this level of dirty talk happens in some relationships – and not just in D/s relationships – and some women absolutely love it. Other women love to read it but aren’t sure if they’d actually like to be on the receiving end and others hate it, end of.

The other controversial issue is cheating. I know lots of readers won’t even entertain reading a book that touches on cheating. But sadly, it happens every day in real life. I haven’t promoted it – I actively hate cheating. But I guess it was a huge risk to include it. But I believe I’ve taken an angle that works – all will be revealed in The Redeemer.

I write for me first and foremost. I have to be happy with it. I don’t write what I think will sell lots of books … I write because I love it. If others love it too, that’s a massive bonus. I love my readers but I accept that some will love all that I write and some won’t. Some prefer Lucas and some prefer Xander and that’s the way it will be when I write new books. But they still love me … my readers rock!

For me I felt rather sorry for Dean. Will he get his own book?
Oh dear … don’t read The Redeemer then. It gets worse. Much, much worse. And yes, he will have a book of his own, once I finish The Redeemer. I’m so excited about it and can’t wait to get started!

Do you have any other books in the works that you can share snippets of?
I’ve already shared the prologue of The Redeemer on my FB page.

Here’s an exclusive snippet that’s not been revealed anywhere yet … it’s unedited and may well be changed, yadda yadda yadda …

Isla was distracted by the sound of someone tapping on her door. It was Belinda, who informed her that two gentlemen were here to see her. She raised an eyebrow sharply when Belinda mouthed that one of them was hot, making Belinda grin as she followed Isla’s instruction to bring them to her office.

When they walked through the door, clad in expensively tailored black suits, she realised that Belinda hadn’t been exaggerating. One of them was attractive but it didn’t do him any favours that he was standing next to the other, in fact Isla barely noticed him. Her eyes were riveted to the other guy; a tall, muscular blond. There were no two ways about it, he was breathtakingly gorgeous in an I-want-to-touch-you-right-now way and he had this air of danger about him. He was tough … no, he was as hard as fuck. He was an ex Royal Marine; he’d probably killed several people without a second thought and yet he’d look at home on the front cover of any glossy magazine … especially with those eyes and that confident demeanour. He looked like a bad boy through and through. It was only when she heard Belinda asking if anyone would like a drink, that she realised she was staring at him. His mesmerising blue eyes, framed by long lashes and high cheekbones, widened momentarily as they bored into hers, leaving her in no doubt that he knew what was running through her mind.

Isla cleared her throat and requested a coffee. As the men asked for the same, she recovered herself and held out her hand. Both had incredibly firm handshakes that left her in no doubt that they could break every bone in her hand effortlessly, should they wish to. It struck her when she shook the hand of the Mr Hold-on-to-your-knickers-ladies, who introduced himself as Jones, that she felt nothing. No spark. She hadn’t expected to exactly, but from the effect he’d had on her eyes when he walked through the door, she wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d felt something akin to that electrifying jolt she’d felt when she’d first touched Xander. She did find herself wondering whether those strong hands would be rough in the bedroom though until she gave herself a mental kick, questioning how she could be entertaining even mildly horny thoughts at a time like this. She had business to attend to, pleasure was not on the agenda.

The Redeemer Copyright J.D. Chase 2014

What do you have to have when you are writing? Where do you write?
My laptop obviously … sorry, couldn’t resist! I usually write on the sofa with my laptop perched on the arm or on my knees. But I can, and have, written almost anywhere. I drink too much coffee when I’m writing, especially in a morning or when writing into the night. I love listening to rock music as I write … that probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s read my books. Rock music tracks feature in my books quite a bit. But that’s it … it’s all in my head so as long as I have my imagination and my laptop, I’m all set.

How much of your own personality bleeds into your characters?
Um … if you asked anyone who knows me they’d probably say a lot of me goes into my female leads. I have no idea why they’d say such a thing … I’m quiet, shy and frigid! Bahahahaha!

If your book/series was to be made into a TV show or movie, who would you cast in the roles of Xander and Isla?
Oh gosh. I must admit that I don’t watch TV at all nowadays and I rarely watch movies so I’m at a loss. Perhaps some of my readers would like to offer suggestions and I’ll google them! I don’t base my characters’ physical attributes on anyone in real life. I like that every reader will picture their own Xander and Isla.

How does the Rouge Passion series differ from Orion the Hunter? Which did you find easier to write?
Oh, where to start? They are very different yet they share some characteristics (eg alpha male, feisty female). I always choose my characters, the setting, the sex angle and an issue to tackle.

Orion has a former Dom, a sassy female, is set in NY, Lucas is a reluctant Dom with a painful past and Issy wasn’t vanilla but hadn’t experienced submission. I wanted to tackle the issue of abuse in some way, both in childhood and adulthood and both emotional and physical abuse and its effects. I have more than a passing interest in BDSM (nod, nod … wink, wink) and have had for over 20 years. The lifestyle has changed drastically and I was worried, like many others, about the rise in fake doms and the rise in abuse in the name of D/s but I didn’t want to write about a fake dome so it is mentioned by Lucas on several occasions.

Rouge Passion has a mysterious alpha with THE dirtiest mouth, a take-no-bullshit female, is set in a hotel in London, and contains filthy sex – kinky but without formal BDSM elements. I wanted to tackle the issue of body shape/size. Isla is a curvy UK size 16 and Xander can’t get enough. Without giving away too much, I wanted to put cheating under the spotlight. I’ve always been very black and white about cheating. It shouldn’t happen ever. It is never acceptable. I’ve been challenged a few times and wanted to explore the possibility that there could be an exception to my rule. Does a grey area ever exist when it comes to cheating?

Thank you so much Gemma, for inviting me to be interviewed. Your questions were fabulous – they were very provocative and I had to be careful about what I said so as not to give too much away.

Thanks for stopping buy and I can’t wait to read The Redeemer


Orion the HunterI am a hopeless, incurable romantic. When I’m not reading it, I’m writing it. I love lively, believable characters that you can identify with. I hate getting to the end of a good book and will regularly mourn a good book when when I’ve finished it. My own writing is contemporary adult/erotica.

My fave romance quote comes from Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City “I am someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” – Amen to that sister.

My fave sex quote comes from Oscar Wilde “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” – Ain’t that the truth!



 J. D.  has kindly offered a Signed Paperback copy and an ebook of The Player. This competition is open internationally for the ebook. The Paperback is only open to the UK. The competition will close on Wednesday 30th July. To enter, answer the following question in the comments below, along with your country of residence: Xander and Isla plan to rebrand the hotel in the book as THE go to place for romantic couples. Where would you want to go for a romantic getaway?

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